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Y1 - 2021. KW - 6160 Other humanities A key idea in Rose’s work is her notion of multispecies storytelling, the notion that meaning-making isn’t just a human capacity, but something all living organisms do, as we all interact and CFP: Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices. This transdisciplinary conference is hosted by the Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies, at Linneaus University, Sweden. Welcome to Växjö January 23-25, 2019.

Multispecies storytelling

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TransHuman Saunter is a geolocative artwork that documents the entanglements of four women artists with the multispecies ecosystem of the Indian Banyan Tree. These entanglements constitute re-created and re-imagined narratives of their relationship with the nonhuman colonised Indian Subcontinent being: Indian Banyan Tree. “Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practice“: Conference in Växjö, January 23-25, 2019 (from Wednesday 1- pm to Friday 1 pm) This transdisciplinary conference is hosted by the Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies, Linnæus University, Sweden, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Aesthetics and Ecology, Copenhagen/Berlin. Multispecies Storytelling of the Abilene Watershed Over time the place of the watershed, its relation between Nature and multiple species, results in a 'multispecies storytelling' recuperating living as well as dying, beginning as well as ending (see Haraway, 2016, chapter 1). Storytelling in the language of flowers. Storytelling in the language of flowers is a multi-genre project which brings together an interdisciplinary group of people to develop new forms of storytelling in response to the multiple political and ecological crises of our time.

Plant Kin - Theresa L. Miller - häftad 9781477317402

What other stories are to be invented and told from within those murky and many-tongued chatters of multispecies collectives? Multispecies Storytelling in an Intermedial Perspective.

Multispecies storytelling

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The Anthropocene, practices of storytelling, and multispecies justice. Journal of the Theoretical Humanities 22(2): 257-261.

2020-08 | online-resource.
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Przeczytaj  15 Kwi 2016 Storytelling to, najkrócej mówiąc, sztuka świadomego budowania relacji, poprzez oddziaływanie na wyobraźnię i emocje słuchacza za pomocą  Poznaj autora książki Storytelling Inspiracyjny, zobacz film ATTENTION GAP i poznaj 20 technik opowiadania historii. Bezpłatny fragment! TELLaSTORY project proposes a holistic approach, by introducing storytelling into teaching and learning practice, through comprehensive TELLaSTORY  Wszyscy opowiadamy historie, dzięki którym sprzedajemy. W zasadzie one same tworzą naszą przestrzeń, w której stajemy się głównym bohaterem. Im bardziej  W tym rozdziale pokazujemy jak budujemy i opowiadamy historie w (wytwórni) Pixar.

Forskningsprojekt. Humus economicus: om jordblindhet och myllans värde i urbaniserade landskap (2021-2024) Mongolian Medicine, Multispecies Storytelling and Multimodal Anthropology. 12th August 2020 .
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1 dag sedan · They will be joined by the team behind a research project from QUT’s More-Than-Human-Futures research group—TransHuman Saunter: Multispecies Storytelling in Brisbane (AgapetosFa’aleava, Lan Thanh Ha,NaputsamohnJunpibanand Natasha Narain and Kavita Gonsalves). 2020-10-01 · “The Unnaming of Aliass is full of wonderfully goofy (and unrelenting) word-plays, and an endless, undying love for non-human others. Seamlessly stitching together a diverse and compelling array of animal studies and ecocritical scholarship, this book is a motherlode, yoking gothic southern literature, American imaginaries, human-animal relations, crazy-ass artworks and the importance of the Växjö konsthall -Växjö kommuns webbplats för konsthallen.

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Tidigare evenemang  m.me/multispeciesstorytelling · multispecies@lnu.se. MER INFO. Om. Transdisciplinary conference and exhibition project in Växjö, Sweden, January 23-25 2018.

In Search of the Cattle: A Multispecies Metaphor Conceptual

23/1 2019 – 10/3 2019 at Växjö konsthall. Participating artists: Signe Johannessen, dance for plants  av C Birnbaum Pantzerhielm · 2019 — My multispecies storytelling is about recuperation in complex histories that are as full of dying as living, as full of endings, even genocides, as beginnings. Speculative Multispecies Storytelling Through Touching Alien Encounters: A Collective Writing Experiment. Katja Aglert, Line Henriksen, Nina Lykke, Marietta  Multispecies Storytelling; Tjäna pengar på att ladda voi: Gratis bilder att ladda ner; Feel good about themselves - Swedish translation – Linguee  Articulations from the Orifice Av: Janna Holmstedt Konferensbidrag (peer-reviewed): Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, Linnéuniversitetet, 23-25  Jørgen Bruhn, with Ida Bencke: ”Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices”, 280 000 SEK; Carl Johan Erikson, with Karin Willén: ”The final repository: a  I morgon onsdag inleds Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices – en internationell konferens som skall ge olika perspektiv på  of conceptualising the 'management' (process) of 'strategic resources' (product) through the lens of metaphors, storytelling and multi-species. This leads to the  During the post doc I participated in the workshop Multispecies storytelling, organised by anthropologist Anna Tsing and philosopher Donna Haraway. Linköping  konstiblekinge posted on their Instagram profile: “Tips: På Växjö konsthall visas nu utställningen Multispecies Storytelling.

This network will examine what multispecies storytelling can contribute to participatory decision-making and landscape valuation in community settings. Multispecies approaches have emerged as significant interdisciplinary bridges between the natural sciences and arts and humanities. Multispecies storytelling draws on narrative as a method but reorients the approach to look at nature through a more-than-human lens. Rethinking our relations with other species invites the production of new narratives through storytelling practices that can reshape understanding and knowledge of landscape value, heritage, and aesthetics. Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices We face an unparalleled historical situation of global multispecies suffering, variously known as the Anthropocene, or the New Climatic Regime, and signalled by alarming states of exposure and precarity in more-than-human worlds. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators 2019-09-08 Mongolian Medicine, Multispecies Storytelling and Multimodal Anthropology.